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About Us
  1. We welcome disruption…
    we are fortunate to live in an era of total change…
    we are the protagonists…
    communication, renewed power and mega-capabilities
  2. We practice communication without limits…
    constant innovation, with an entrepreneurial spirit…
    and a total commitment to the client
  3. We are unique, neither better nor worse, simply different in methodology, in approaches, in strategies, in vision, in access, experience, solutions and results
  4. Our mantra is success… inspired, shared, generated success…
    to promote success for our clients; for our people and for our business
  1. We join the United Nations Global Compact, the largest international initiative for sustainable development.
  2. Communication is our tool to more effectively address new challenges and trends.
  3. Knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm to create and disseminate sustainable economic models.
  4. A great opportunity to further strengthen our commitment to people and respect for the environment.


  1. Jazz </ wejazz.es />
    strategic planning,
    transformation and disruption in branding, marketing, communication… led by Ramón Ollé
  2. DSeed </ dseed.es />
    digital study of development, positioning and design… led by Edu Busquets and Paolo Dossena
  3. Petaluka </ petaluka.com />
    100% native social CRM… led by Javier Soto
  4. PlateSelector </ plateselector.com />
    agency, influencer, media, space, events… dedicated to culinary inspiration and its influence on lifestyle… led by Khaled Abbas Marcet, Alba Yañéz and Juan Navaza

a special, unique meeting... of

  1. Highly specialized management teams with broad experience
  2. Strategists, analysts, planners, creative, innovators, designers, technologists, producers, concepts, content, journeys, experiences, channels, conversationalists, inspirers, storytellers, ambassadors, influencers, opinion leaders, journalists, financiers, investor relations, attorneys
  3. Led by directors, managers and masters
  4. Accompanied by a network of counselors, partners and friends
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Join Us

If you’re looking to challenge your career and live disruptive communications in their purest state, Tinkle is for you.

  1. Students and Recent Graduates
    Explore your passion for disruptive communication live, in real time, even before you graduate, with our paid internship program. There is an annual selection process of recent graduates in all our teams and offices, with priority given to students in our internship program from the following universities
    </ view universities />
  2. Experienced Professionals
    Develop your career among the best communications professionals, with exciting clients, projects and cases… Permanent selection process from our resumé file and published job openings. We prioritize internal promotion!
  3. International Internship Program
    with McIntire School of Commerce, of University of Virginia in the United States, for our Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and Singapore offices.
  4. Show Your Interest
    Via this email only:
    </ talento@tinkle.es />

We believe that communication, experience, challenges… are all hyper local, and we work as purely local in each market


full-service offices in Madrid, Barcelona y Lisbon